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That    Fateful    Day    -    April    the    15th

One chilly day on April the 15th 1998, I and my friend Vicky took a pilgrimage to London to pay full homage to Late Lunch by going to see the show! This is the story of the day - its all true, it is its true! I woke up and looked out of the window pane down to a street which was soaked from the night of rain before hand. I sighed and went back to sleep becuase I am a student. When I got up again the sun still wasn't shining. "Oh well, at least its not raining Louise" I said in the third person. Of couse you can only asuume one is mad. I got up, dressed, had breakfast and by that time it was 9.30. I cleaned up and then left the house, my parents out. I walked for two minutes down the main road till it started pouring with rain. "Me and my big mouth" I thought as it came down on my Oasis beanie. Anyway, I got to Vicky's and we hiked upto the station, in the rain, as it still fell from the dark sky! We got our tickets and hopped aboard the train, a few minutes to wait and we were on our way to London. We got to the capital with an hour to spare so it was off to Forbidden Planet, in which I didn't spend anything, (wow) but by this time I really needed the loo! Any how, time was yet again drawing in upon us so we made our way back to Tottenham Court Road Station. We hopped on the underground and found our selves back at Waterloo, needless to say I still needed the toilet and it yet again was bitterly cold and raining! The queues for the loo opposite the Eurostar terminal were far too long so I decided to wait until we hit the studios, (bad mistake!) Now comes the seemlessly humous bit of the day! We arrived at the terminal at ten minutes before we were to meet up with whoever was coming along. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Got the LL tickets out for some subtlty, waited, put the tickets away. Until about half an hour later a guy, who had been standing next to us the whole time got his own LL ticket out! Woo ruddy hoo, it was Richard!

To be continued . . . .