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Rock the World - they can play!!!!

It was May 16th, we were at the Blomsbury Theatre in London, waiting for the time to tick by, waiting for Mel and Sue to ready themselves for another of their dates on the tour! Sat in the cafe area of the theatre, Emma Kennedy, (Nostradamus in Lee and Herrings This Morning With Richard Not Judy), approached us and said hi, mentioning we were in for a treat at the end of the show! Anyway Mel and Sue rocked, and when they and the band had left the stage I had a bad feeling that there was no suprise!! UNTIL . . . . they all came back on, Mel with drum sticks and Sue strapped on a guitar. A stunning rendition of Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady' the commenced! Mel keeping time like, er, a very good stopwatch and Sue, well, not missing a ruddy note, superb work. Matt was missing for about half the song, until he came bouding accross the stage dressed as a balarina with fake breasts!! Denny - usually on lead guitar - sang like, er, a great singing perso, with a voice. To be contiued when i wake up . . . . . and with pics!!



Steve: formerly of the band!

Dylan also formerly of the band, no really its him!!

The quality of the pics are a but naff sorry band and ex-band peeps!!!