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I would like ot thank the following people for being alive and in helping me on my quest for a better page:

Mel and Sue - for providing the world with top notch comedy entertainment

Kim Potter - For the review and help with the new site name!!!!!

Rob S - For reviving the Cakeshop, and being an all roind nice frog guy!

Those who's pictures I stole!

All at the Cakeshop; (Kim, Stu, Subbes, Melsk, Magenta, Ro, Kat, Tam, Chick, Cookie, Danni, SW, SE, Rob, Gerkins, Caroline, Mouse, Cat, Beccy, Libby, Alex, Jane, Janie, Tim T, Tim C, Ross, Allie, Amanda, Angel of Irony, Anna, MB, Bohemia, Daniel Worby, Mooch, Emsy, GLC, Jaz, Jesstive, Lola, Chris, Lyns, Fran, Mr and Mrs Turner, R-Jay, Lovely Richard, and everyone else I have left out!) Thanks!

My cat - for providing me with scratches, fur and dead animals

My computer - for only f**king up once a month.

The Showbiz Bird

1999 Copyrightishness Showbiz Bird Productions 1999