Want to get in contact?

Do you want to get into contact with those at On the Couch? Well good, you've come to the right page, thank your eyes, they worked, either that or you are the Lord of Fluke!

You can email the creator, owner, director, inventor, artist and demented fool who created this site by emailing her at one of the following addresses! louise@bubbles16.freeserve.co.uk or flamingkitties@yahoo.com
or 97000507@seecoll.org.uk

DO NOT email her if you are under any of the following catagories:

- Need help with your own site and HTML - because frankly I don't know, get a book, thats what I did!

- Need money - baby I have none, hence me using free webspace!

- Want to talk to Mel and Sue - I don't know them, well not very well, not at all, well I've met them, if you want to get in contact with Mel and Sue please go to thier site www.melandsue.co.uk or write to thier agents:
The Richard Stone Associates
2 Henrietta Street

- Want to shut my site down - screw you hippy!

- Are lonely and single and nice, hang on, you can mail me if you like!

That is all

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