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Mainly in their own words . . . .

Elmo a.k.a Vicky Gardiner

Vicky is a 17 year old Cake Shopper who lives in Galley Common, in the Midlands near Coventry. Vicky likes Beth Orton, Dubstar, Portished, Kenicke and Belly (ed-rocking good stuff).

Stu B

Stuart B ( thats Brown if you wanted to know - Lou), is 17 and is very much into LL, (both flavours, light is prefferable), David Devant and his Spirit Wife, and a bit of sci fi. (Alright a great deal of B5 ST:Voyager . . . .well trek except for the ST: The dayglo uniform generation), Catatonia, Space (the band, a big black area).
Visit Stu B's pages of delights here
And here.

Elvador a.k.a Elena Haste

Was born on 26th Sept 1978 (math should come in handy here, erm, that makes Elv, nearly 20! - Lou), in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. She got ten GCSE's, (thats one more than me, D'OH! - Lou), and 3 A levels. Elv is studying Theology at Durham Uni, but has no intention of becoming a nun, so don't worry! Texas, Garbage (yes, another fan! - Lou), Sheyrl Crow and (eh hem) the Spice Girls???!?!
Visit Elvador's site.

FlipTop a.k.a Phil James

FlipT was born bread (and buttered) in the Midlands, land of Dark Satanic Mills and Boon! (?)
He was bought up (regurgitated?) by his parents as a Devout Indecisive, and spent his early years living in a moral vacuum (which really sucked). (At this point I will say I did not write this, blame the puns on them - Lou).
After his student daze, he moved to Rustic Dorzzzzzset, where he lives right by the sea and make a living writing in C. (Erm. . that's a computer programme language folks). His christening font was helvetica, he takes a 33" leg trouser (not arm trouser then? - Lou), and his favourite colour is Sue's hair?! Visit FlipTop's homage to lunch here

Mrs Z a.ka. Amanda Taylor

Mrs Z lives down south in Basingstoke, have been married to Carl for 8 eight years, and has three boys Robert, Jack and Harry, who are all under 5 (sympathy given - Lou). Mrs Z is one of the older members of the CS, (now, now age is in the mind only, thats why I feel 80 and look 8! - Lou), over thirty, and have been visiting the CS since Feb. Mrs Z likes music of the seventies and eighties for obvious reasons. She is a fan of David Essex!!?! (joke - Lou), which is her mums fault! Mrs Z likes travelling, going away (away from where, I like going away mainly a few hundres miles from my brother! - Lou), in her caravan, (always finish reading sentances before typing - Lou), music, the cinema and family (yuk!!!)

Mr Turner a.k.a Mr Turner

Mr Turner is in his late teens, lives in Dunoon (Agryll seaside resort on the Clyde). He likes Beatles, Radiohead, Ramones, Divine Comedy, Space and the Specials (this site, is coming like a ghost site, no - Lou). Mr Turner likes shooting (well I'm not asking any questions about aim! - Lou), camping (ooh missus), writing, eating pancakes and watching videos (him, sad?!). You can visit Mr Turners website here

Subbes lives in Oxford, owns a small Jaffa Cake factory, is currently writing a web sit and waiting for some space on the server. L'il miss sweet and innocent, wants to be Sue Perkins when she grows up. Or a quantum physicist. Whatever is better paid.
Slogan: 'subbes if you don't go now, you'll regret it the rest of your life . . .'
Favourite Phrase: '(some wierd thing I can't copy-ed) or wannawannawanna'

Lola, she was a showgirl, well no actually she wasn't but she is a cakeshopper and has been for a good year and a bit. She is from Chester but is originally from the East Mids and is in her early 20's (though she can look 16, oh dear . . .) Lola is fine until cierage is applied and then the special bossy pointy finger technique comes into play, this is best viewed at a distance at one of th CS meet ups she tries to organise . . . A bit bossy, a bit mad but in need of a good home, food and watering, thats Lola.


Who, what where and when... Maxine Virginia Holder (or "I'm a horrid, genial vixen" Ė either will do!).
Student - yeay! Of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Bath if you really wanted to know.
Born and bred (and still lingering) in Bristol.
Born 25th April 1979
Why... God only knows!

Good stuff about me: Hmm. Well, I always did my homework in time for everyone else to copy in the social area in sixth form...

Annoying stuff about me:
Forwards too much rubbish to the mailing list (but I do remove all the >>>>>s thatís got to count for something!!
Keeps on and on about her ongoing struggle with the University
computer network despite knowing nothing about computers at all.
Says "he he he" too much. And laughs too much. (For some people
Uses too many short sentences. Like this one. Oh yes. Or else
Really, really long ones containing multiple ideas which seem to go on
forever and ever with no end and no point and which, if she writes
them in Word, end up being underlined in green squiggles by that
bloody paperclip who thinks heís just SO clever and knows
absolutely EVERYTHING about everything when he obviously doesnít <Ďcos heís a just an animated paperclip and Iím a real person and
thereís a difference and I know what I want to write and I donít
need you telling me what Iím thinking you little bastard so stop
it! Stop it now or Iíll minimise you, you little turd! If you
were a real paperclip Id straighten you out and use you to clean
out something really nasty which I cant think of now Ďcos Iím so
stressed by having to argue with you you complete and total
Gets really stressed with fictional characters (want to guess who at
this moment in time?) and inanimate objects when they gang up
on me and they really do - really! Aaaaagh!

Anything else worth mentioning... Probably not actually. Bit of a science fiction addict, 'specially
Star Trek. Feel free to test me at any time (but not
on the old crap series obviously). And partial to the odd bit of
comedy I wont make you waste valuable seconds of your life by
listing my faves here you can probably guess most of them anyway.

Oh yes, and is (trying to become) famous for her legendary array of
poor quality signature lines, todayís top five being:
1) "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of
people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." -
Douglas Adams 2) Tell a man there are a billion stars in the sky and he will
believe you. Tell him there is wet paint on the bench and he will
have to touch it to be sure.
3) Captain Kirk, meet my father. He's Dad, Jim.
4) A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing
it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
5) Eagles may soar, but weasels aren't sucked into jet engines.

CS Name: Mooch
Real Name: Daniel Rissen/Dan

D.O.B.: 15/2/79
Lives:in North London
Likes: lots of music
: Garbage, Catatonia, Beth Orton, Tori
Amos, Texas, Beatles, Led Zep, Helen Love etc etc
TV: oooh...LL(when it was on), Harry Hill, If
I Ruled the World, Star Trek.(all apart from the original series),
Doctor Who (sad or what), red Dwarf, and any music programmes of course!!
FILMS: Star Wars Trilogy, Shawshank Redemption, Speed, Titanic, Truman Show, Back to the Future 1,
anything remotely funny!
Aim in Life: to have fun and stay happy!!

Isn't it good, I got everyone talking in the thrid person, he he he!

If you want your biog on here mail me