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This is the Halls of Fame for the first Mel and Sue based quiz, i.e. the easy thing that you got first time around! It will get harder, I promise!!!

Anyway here are the first winners!!

If you want to add your name to the Hall of Fame for quiz number one, get yous skates on, quiz two will be arriving 20th November!!!
Name Position Comment
Chikka-Bee First Place!!!!
Cat Second YES!!! I know some answers
Sue De'nim Third My life is now complete that I have done your leettle quiz...I love you all dahlings.Keep it live and keep it real!!
Magenta Fourth
Mr Turner Fifth That was pimps. A scathed monkey could habe done that!
Caroline Roberts Sixth Yay! I love this quiz
Penelope Sour Seventh Yay!
Tam Eighth Hoorah for me! I bet the whole cs is on here!!
Amanda Ninth I do love a nice quizlet, nice one Lou
Clare Tenth
Maria Eleventh Cool quiz
Andrew Gardner Tweltfh Blondie and Steps are the best , but they are not a good as Mel and Sue . ps I know Lou..
Jayne Thirteenth I am THE brainbox. N E 1 dare to challenge me?
Cookie Monster Forteenth I admit it, I know far too much about the queens of comedy, but yes, I am proud
The Perkster... Fifteenth Well that's my academic acheivement for this year . today...the Mel and Sue Quiz,tommorow the world!!
Holtd> Sixteenth Yay!