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This Website Is A Bit redundant HOWEVER, I see a lot of hits have Occurred since PErkins was ON BIG BROTHER - If I get ten emails telling me to update this site, ten different people, thanks, I MAY EVEN START IT AGAIN AND MAKE IT ALL PRETTY LIKE, address at bottom of the page

***CASTING COUCH - 15th Novmeber 1030pm!***

Hullo there and welcome to another Mel and Sue site. As many of you will aready know Late Lunch was a live show running on Channel 4 at 6 pm. But sadly like all good things Late Lunch came to an end, Wednesday 3rd March 1999 was the final Late Lunch with Mel and Sue, I don't know if it will be taken over, but for me and the majority of fans, it has ended. Also the Late Lunch forum, i.e. the Cake Shop has recently been closed, which the users feel was very unecessary. Never the less you can find us hiding in various other places, and I shall try and up date you as soon as I can.

The Mel and Sue, 'Back To Our Roots Tour' has finsihed its run at Edinburgh Festival last month from 15th to 21st August at the Pleasance Theatre. And we hope to see them back on tv soon on ITV's Casting Couch. This will be filming in November, contact Granada TV for information. Keep up the live music girls you rock!!

Backstage at Casting Couch

Look what the loss of Late/Light Lunch has done . . .


For Mel and Sue Tour Dates click here The Official Mel and Sue Site -still slightly under construction!! Or here

A Review Of Mel and Sue Live in Newcastle - By Caroline Roberts

A Review Of Mel and Sue Live - By Kim Potter

Play Guitar Like Rock and Roll Stars!!!


Mel and Sue have have had a radio show quite recently, if you missed it sorry. It started March 13th on BBC Radio Two at 1300h, its called 'Mel and Sue's Comedy Breakdown' and was quite good actually!

**Coming Soon to the site . . . Frames . . . A Change of Name . . .Games . . Music and more, YES a revamp, hooray**

This is Susan Perkins, but just who does she claim to be?

Mel Giedroyc a life!

****MEET UP APRIL 24TH 1999****


Coming soon - A Cuban Boys Site!!!

Featuring stuff, exclusive (yet poor) piccies from the C vs I video shoot and many other things which I have no time to mention!!!!!

This is how many people have been here!

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