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Who could be bothered to get out of bed and log onto my site? Wow, thank you non-lazy people, sorry for stereotyping!!

Louise Lee (catchy innit?!?)

Some other places

Daniel Earwickers Place - Who???

Or Mr Earwickers Lunch Site

Southend's top local band Indeep have a website!

Trek-on-Sea - Local Star Trek Social Group's Homepage


A Vey Bad Attept At Being Funny, and Spreading Embarassment of the Self Across the Nation/World

Yes, 'tis I the least known regular Cake Shopper, and damn proud of it too!! Yes, I, Louise, or Mrs Doyle, if you like am back with a slightly revitalised page. Not much that it makes a difference, but enough so that I'll get you all to read it again on purpose! My attempt, at showing the world I am not the humourless plum you think I am. Oh yes, I have a brain, I intend to use it, not today, but at some point I will be funny, or may create a giggle or you're all laughing at me, not with me at me, not with me.

So what are you all doing, I suppose you are using your computers, trying hard to reverse the temptation of using the Cake Shop, or perhaps putting off that work that needs doing. Anyway, what are you doing here, I mean I am the least listed Late Lunch page round the fans, did you get asked by me to come here. NEVER EVER LISTEN TO ME, I must warn you that now you're here you have to stay or I have to kill you. Thank you for your time. . . .
. m.e.s.s.a.g.e. e.n.d

The Greg Proops Bit - for those of you who don't know him, WHY???

Yes, the bit you've all been waiting for, or not as the case may be, I do have to admit this bit is poor. Needless to say, it will be improved over the coming weeks. So don't worry, and hey, with a little love and attention, it may be as good as, say Stu B's page or even the mighty Melsketeers, dream on!

Introducing Late Lunch - the Melly and Susie Page!

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