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Louise's CV

(Please ignore scary picture)

Name: Louise Danielle Lee

Date Of Birth: 23 June 1981

Place of Birth: Somewhere in Ilford

Living Now: Southend - on Sea in Essex

Education: 9 GSCE's, 2A's, 5B's 2C's.
GNVQ Media Advanced
Currently studying Bsc (Hons) Media Production and Technology at South East Essex College in Southend

Siblings: Brother, five years younger, called Daniel

Pets: Cat called Bubbles, two dead goldfish named Psycho and Madman.

Hates: Cotton Wool, Rugby, brothers, people who say something on tv's bad but still watch it and moan about it!

Loves: Mel and Sue, Greg Proops, Emma Kennedy, Nicola Walker, Music, my beat up guitars, summer nights, winter days.

Musical Tastes: Helen Love, Sleater Kinney, Bis, Elvis Costello, Pet Shop Boys, Dubstar, Ben Folds Five, Space, Air, Beck, Belle and Sebastian, Beth Orton, Divine Comedy, Lighning Seeds, Garbage, Texas, Gay Dad, Tanita Tikaram, Catatonia, Rosita, Kenickie, Les Rythmes Digitals, Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, David Bowie, the Cuban Boys, Ooberman, there's probably more in there but I forget who else!

Favourite Films: Tank Girl, Barton Fink, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, Resivoir Dogs, A Life Less Ordinary, Shallow Grave, The Shining, Withnail and I, and Glory.

Favourite TV: Late/Light Lunch/Whose Line Is It Anyway?/Spaced/This Morning With Richard With Not Judy/South Park/Simpsons/Big Train/Eastenders/A League of Gentlemen/Later, With Jools Holland/Father Ted/ Drop The Dead Donkey/ Fraiser/Carloine in the City/Dharma and Greg and finally Blue Peter, no I was lying, come back!

More about moi (self indulgence - pah)

So me, huh, right, me is me, short person from Southend (saaaaaarf- eeeeeiiiind) in Essex. I hate Essex with a vengance, its, in my opinion a hell hole of stereotypes, the people are nasty - bar my friends, they rock! Boys will ALWAYS be seen in thier Ben Sherman Shirts, and girls in thier Kappa tops, poo to them, everyone here (almost) is a bleach blonde!

Anyway, more things, what do I do? Well I play my guitars, I have a Fender Sun Mustang electric ( Black with whte sratch plate, and a Fender acoustic, painted blue with a cloud on it). I try and play them as often as I can, I can just about play "Wonderwall", some Tanita T, Bernard Butler and Lighthouse Family, but thats all, I make the rest up!
I also draw, doodle, sketch etc, mostly either portrauts, cartoon's and all that. I may put some examples of this on this here site one day so keep looking!!!
My ambition, well, hm, not sure, I'd love to play in a band at Wembly, thats what I would love to do the most. But something that is achievable, that would have to be able for oncein my life to not leave things to the last minute, I am working on this!!

My favourite phrase: "fan-tastic!"