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MEL GIEDROYC - not Fern Britton

Mel   Geidroyc

NAME: Melanie Giedroyc

ALSO KNOWN AS: Mel, Melly, Mel Gazegadoyk

AGE: 31

BORN: 5th June 1968

RESIDES: North London

USED TO LIVE: Leatherhead

MUSICAL TASTES: Will arrive soon

JOB DESCRIPTION: Entertainer.actress, comedienne.

CURRENT JOB: Stuff, working on new show, Casting Couch.


As self:
The Vicar of Dibley (Mary Tinker) 1996
London Shouting (pilot) 1996
Never Mind the Horrocks 1996
Klink! 1996
Open University (voice overs) 1999
With Sue


As self:

Berwick Olympic Challenge 1996
Yeah Yeah Yeah 1995
Headzone 1995
The Mark Radcliffe Show 1995
The Guardian Guide For Radio 1995
90's Variety Night 1995
You Cannot Be Serious 1994/5
Unexpectadly Available (pilot) 1994


With Sue at the Edinburgh Festival:

The Big Squeeze 1997
Planet Pussycat1996
Women in Uniform 1995
Kittens Go Grrr! 1994
The Naked Brunch 1993

Sue's Biography

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