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July 1998 Meet up pix Click on an image to make it bigger
July 1998 Dan, Tam and Ellen/Jo enjoying the summer sun!
July 1998 Elvador!!!
July 1998 Lots of Cakeshoppers at the Mulberry Bush!!
July 1998 Collapsable Cakeshoppers at some pub near Leiscester Square
July 1998 Joff the the Goth - a tad over exposed, it was the white face paint, really!!
July 1998 Leige looking guilty!
July 1998 Libby and Kate
July 1998 Libby, Dan, Tam, and Kanga
July 1998 Libby on the Underground at Waterloo Station
July 1998 Liege and Richard - looking shifty!
July 1998 Richard - overexposed!
July 1998 Stuart - failing to master the Vulacan salute!
July 1998 Stuart at the Mulberry Bush
July 1998 People at the London Studios