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A Question Of Lunch

Some of those quesitions that are never answered about LL, shall be revealed now!

Just how many times has Mel cut or burnt her fingers?

Well, the latest press release states Mel has had masses of new fingers installed, (oi - stop that thinking), and has paid out nearly &45,000 in plastic surgery for new ones.

How much hair has Sue singed off of her head?

Conturary to popular belief (and my spelling), Sue did not cut her hair short for Late Lunch, she was involved in a massive singe-ing accident with Jean Christoph Novelli and decided it would be for her own good if it was kept short as to aviod further humiliation.

Who owns the Showbiz Bird?

We recently heard via a sub-public communique, that Dermot owns the Showbiz Bird who is constantly perched upon his television at home, lucky for some, why can't I be the Showbiz Bird?!

Just how tall are Mel and Sue?

Having seen the twosome in real life like so many others, I ican honestly say that they are the same as you and me. Not tall or small but real! Where as Chris Evans is vey, vey vey tall and scarry, aviod him!

Do they guests/cooks really cook all the food?

No, well not most of the time!

How big is the studio?

Claustrophobically small!

How do I get tickets?

Sadly the show has ended, but further info on Mel and Sue projects will appear as I find out!


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