Well, I, Caroline Roberts (yes that's my whole name, a certain middle bit that I'm not sharing with you!) Went to see the wonderful, utterly butterly ularious Mel and Sue on May the first at the Tyne theatre in Newcastle...

...It was a wonderful night, the sun shone down on us as we waited for Cakeshopper Mouse to meet us for pizza, then we trekked to the temple of laughter where we witnessed possibly the best comedy duo since Morecambe & Wise proform, yes, I am talking about Mel and Sue! And I was in the front row, yup it's true, right at the very front, it was amazing!

Possibly my favourite moment throughout the show was the 'on the game' sketch, where Mel and Sue were to old bags at war time. Mel was literally on the game prostitute wise, and Sue was disappointed she couldn't get game, like the bird, cos it was war time... talk about analysing a joke, that narly killed it!

Anyway, where was I, Ummmmm yes, well, the show finished, and I don't wanna talk about the rest... put it this way, we narly got to see Mel and sue, but a certain trains stopped running at 21:30, and a costly taxi that picked us up early explains it all...

Well, you can see more of my ranting and raving about not meeting the girls, with my tour photos and a badly punctuated account of what happened at...

so, what more can I say, it depresses me to think of the tour now after what happened, but the consolation is, I got both Mel and Sue to sign my ticket, and I spoke to the wonderful Sue Perkins on the telephone, so there you have it, my Tour Review finished, I hope it brought you minutes of pleasure, if not, you are leading a very normal life

thank you

(c)Caroline Roberts 1999

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