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SUSAN PERKINS - not Anne Robinson

Sue   Perkins

NAME: Susan Elizibeth Perkins

ALSO KNOWN AS: Perky, Sue, Susie, Perks, Plum

AGE: 29

BORN: September 22nd 1969

RESIDES: North London

USED TO LIVE: Croydon, the city of

MUSICAL TASTES: Garbage, George Clinton and P-Funk,
Radiohead, Prodigy among other things

JOB DESCRIPTION: Entertainer.actress, comedienne.

CURRENT JOB: Stuff, working on new show, Casting Couch.


As self:
Have I Got News For You 1997
Saturday Night Armastice 1995
If I Ruled the World 1998
Monday NIght Clive 1999
With Mel:
Light Lunch 1997
Late Lunch 1998
Good Stuff 1996
Clive Anderson All Talk (pilot) 1996
Friday Night Armastice 1996
Promotional Trailers BBC 1995
French and Saunders 1995
Fist of Fun 1995
The Little Picture Show 1995
The Weeks is Dead (pilot) 1995
The Mel and Sue Project (pilot) 1995
Late Licence 1994
Life's A Bitch 1994
UK PLAY 1999
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 1999
Edinburgh Nights 1999


As self:

New Garden City 1997
Prom Interval 1996
Weekending 1995
The Elephant Man 1995
Life, Sex and Death 1995
Crown Jewels 1995

For Sues radio work with Mel AND the Theatre (dah-ling), click here The end . . . . well maybe? I don't think so though!!

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